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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT GENERAL ORDER 20-01 - IN RE: GENERAL CONTINUANCE OF HEARINGS AND PROCEEDINGS DUE TO PUBLIC HEALTH CONCERNS: Click on the link for more information on court proceedings and courthouse events. www.pamd.uscourts.gov

Attorneys representing nongovernmental corporate parties are reminded of their duty, pursuant to Fed.R.Civ.P. 7.1(a), to file a disclosure statement that identifies any parent corporation and any publicly held corporation that owns 10% or more of its stock or state that there is no such corporation. A party must file the Rule 7.1(a) disclosure statement with its first appearance, pleading, petition, motion, response, or other request addressed to the court, and promptly file a supplemental statement upon any change in the information that the statement requires.

A form "Disclosure Statement pursuant to Fed.R.Civ.P. 7.1" is available on the court's website @ www.pamd.uscourts.gov

When electronically filing the "Disclosure Statement" in the court's electronic case filing system, filers are to use the filing event titled "Disclosure Statement Pursuant to FRCP 7.1 (Parent Corporations)" listed under Other Filings, Other Documents.


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